The Honey Badger: Zero F*cks Cabaret


Having established their roots in London’s queer cabaret scene, the company’s cabaret work is comedic and diverse - ranging from cutesy twee to the avant-garde, incorporating twinning visuals and high energy performances that are eccentric and captivating. Within our cabaret work we enjoy providing a new perspective on feminine and masculine identities/physiques.



The notorious Honey Badger found its fame after going viral for not giving a f*ck and has since become a part of meme culture. It is fearless, inspirational and won’t stop until it gets what it wants.


NAKEDpresents believe a lot can be learnt from embodying the spirit of the Honey Badger, and have created a cabaret collective dedicated to producing bold, authentic and expressive cabaret at The Matchstick Piehouse. For all gals, queer and non-binary pals, and all folks out there that are not afraid to push boundaries and express their authentic selves.


'I came to see The Honey Badgers Cabaret and I think Lucinda B.Hind & PMBC are an amazing duo, you put together such a great show. It was a highlight of 2020!'

'They were great!It was clear you put thought into it and managed to ensure a safe environment' (regarding covid safety precautions)