Everything NAKEDpresents does starts from the body. The company’s work is undeniably unique due to Vincent
and Paige’s strong physical movement skills combined with their eclectic training, resulting in an innovative and
individual form of movement - not inhibited by the boundaries of any specific style of dance. Most of NAKEDpresents' work follows structured improvisations, which means when performing everything is active, impulsive, alive and honest. Honesty is at the heart of NAKEDpresents work.

"Unapologetic, raw self-expression in the spotlight in a way that lingers long after the lights fade. While many shows claim to be brutally honest and celebrate the essential self, Naked actually achieves to do that and more"  The Play's the Thing UK

"An investigation of intimacy and separation. An expression of vulnerability and fortitude. An exploration of flying and falling. A look at what people are capable of when they're willing to allow themselves to be truly NAKED" 

In a world that continues to become more disconnected in human interaction... 

N A K E D is a time and a place for you to witness. When one thing leads to another and two bodies: separate, combine, fly, fall. 

N A K E D is about finding authentic expression within the self by breaking gender normalities through unconventional forms of movement and theatre, encouraging female strength and male fragility. 

N A K E D is a celebration of expression.

N A K E D aims to inspire audiences to champion their individuality. 

N A K E D celebrates vulnerability and honesty. 

N A K E D is the connection with music.

N A K E D is friendship.

NAKED has had support funding and in kind support from: DANCE4, Battersea Arts Centre, The Vaults Theatre, ShoeBox Theatre, Curve Theatre, Silver Building, Tate Britain, Hermes Fashion. 

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